The Healing Power of Tai Chi

The Healing Power of Tai Chi

--Susan Thompson


Our Western world fitness paradigm places value on high impact, heavy load, “lots-of-sweat” exercise.  However, those very qualities set us up for injury.  Most injuries are from high impact, repetitive or velocity driven movement.   If you engage in a typical Western exercise regime, it is only a matter of time before you incur an injury.  Guaranteed. 


Already had that happen?  Think Tai Chi.


Tai Chi creates a soft and forgiving environment for our body to heal, while at the same time building strength and balance.  It is the perfect workout.


Tai Chi is innocuous.  You probably won’t sweat and you may not even feel the “workout”.  But over time, you will gain unparalleled strength, cardiovascular benefit, and increased internal and external balance without the risk of injury.   


And best of all, anyone can do it.   That means you can do it for the rest of your life. 


How does it work?  Here are a few examples:




During Tai Chi, our fascia (the thin sheath of covering just under our skin) glides and turns across our body.   The movements stretch and create gentle cross friction to our structures underneath.  This cross friction bathes our body with nutrients and  flushes out toxins previously held stagnate in our tissues. 


Synovial Fluid


As we age, the fluid in our synovial sacs (bursa), which cushion our joints, becomes thick and dehydrated.  This leads to a cycle of decreased movement, more thickening, and increased joint pain.  Tai Chi opens our joints and massages our synovial sacs.  This promotes refreshed vitality to our joints resulting in improved range of motion and decreased pain.




With Tai Chi movement, our intricate nerve pathways are coaxed into lengthening for improved slack.  This reduces nerve inflammation and improves nerve signals. 


But wait…there’s more!


These benefits are addressing only the superficial layers of our body!  There’s much more that goes on in the deeper layers.  (Future blog topic!)


Parting thought:


Imagine your body as a washcloth.  Previously this washcloth (your body) had been moist and well hydrated.  However as our body ages, it becomes dry.  This washcloth is stiff, crispy even.  In fact, you might be able to stand it up on edge because it has a few unyielding folds, crimps and crinkles ;-).   


Now take that washcloth, and drop it into a bowl of warm, inviting water.  Watch as the cotton fibers soak up the water and the washcloth begins to loosen up and float.  Grabbing a corner of it, you feel it’s renewed softness and fluidity of movement as you swirl it around in the water, reveling in its beauty of flexibility.


That is what Tai Chi does for our bodies. 


Tai Chi restores fluidity.  It hydrates, loosens and strengthens.   It pushes out toxins and draws in healthy nutrients.  It builds strength. It does the body good!


Tai Chi creates an environment for healing. 


And best of all… is ENJOYABLE and ANYONE can do it!


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