Susan Thompson, OTR is an Occupational Therapist and a dedicated Tai Chi instructor/practitioner. 


She teaches Tai Chi throughout the Dallas Metroplex, offers live streaming classes as well as online courses.  Her courses on Udemy have sold to over 1700 students across the world.  She is a superb teacher who makes Tai Chi accessible to all.  


She also offers Tai Chi workshops for Physical Therapists to use in their rehabilitation practice.  


Susan studies with Master William Ting at his studio in New Jersey,  Silver Tiger Tai Chi. He is the author of two excellent Tai Chi books, Essential Concepts of Tai Chi and Answers to Common Tai Chi and Qigong Questions.  Master Ting emphasizes the internal qualities and deep foundations of Tai Chi.   


Susan owns the continuing education company, Handy Learning, Inc.  She provides continuing education workshops for Physical and Occupational Therapists.  For her workshop schedule, please visit Handy Learning, Inc. 


In her leisure time, Susan enjoys her two dogs, Maestro and Ollie Rocket.  She windsurfs, plays piano and mountain bikes.  She is also a private pilot.  She once flew an antique airplane across the United States with no radio or electrical system.  She had only a compass and a map!  



Susan and her mentor, Master Ting


Flowing Mobility is dedicated to providing high quality education and wellness programs to individuals that wish to meet their potential in life.  We provide:

  • Tai Chi programs accessible to all for improving health and well being
  • Continuing education to occupational and physical therapists


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